Friday, April 23, 2010

We Can Learn From Francis Chan

This past week I was able to attend Exponential 2010 in Orlando, FL. The last session was hearing Francis Chan speak. For those that do not know, last Sunday he resigned from his church, Cornerstone Church. He didn't resign because he had a moral failure or took money. He was cocky/prideful either. He is leaving because he feels God calling him to step out. This is amazing to me, because in my memory this is the first time a mega-church pastor has left his/her church when it was doing well, and it not be because he/she fell into sin. Francis Chan has finished well. Not because he pastored a big church, but because he has been obedient and is leaving obediently.

This knowledge is the source of this confession. I desire to finish well, no matter what that looks like. I want to complete the task that God has for me. More than having a lot of people in service or in ministry, I want to hear my Lord say "Well Done" when it's all said and done. Seeing Francis Chan complete this encourages me that I can too. I can finish what God has started. I can stay obedient to the call He put on my life. I can be an obedient son and fulfill my purpose in Christ.

I challenge you as the reader to learn about Francis Chan's journey and let it mess your life up. God will not keep you where you are just because everything is going great, He may ask you to leave. In Acts 8 God commanded Philip to leave his successful ministry and ended up ministering to an Ethiopian eunuch. We must remain obedient to where God has us and where God will take us. Follow Christ no matter where He leads you, and make your goal not have big numbers but hearing your Savior say, "Well Done."

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