Monday, May 24, 2010

Different Types of Tweeps

If you Tweet you have realized that there are different types of tweeps who tweet on twitter. This post is going to give insight into the different types of people who tweet. Apart from those of us who think we are normal tweeps there are the few that have issues, these are just a few.

1. Addictive Tweep
These are the ones who tell everything, and I mean everything. From when they wake up to when they sleep. If you ever want to know where they are or what they are eating, just look at their profile. You can identify these tweeps because normally they are the ones with the automatic location update in their tweets.

2. Binge Tweeter
These are the ones you never see much on twitter. Maybe they aren't online much or whatever, but when they are they normally send out 3-5 tweets back-to-back and then they are gone like a phantom. They are only around to give you an update of life, but then leave until the next time they tweet binge.

3. The Phantom Tweep
These are the ones who jumped on board the Twitter train because it became popular, and then never tweeted. They have an account, but when you look at their profile and it says its been 6 months or longer since a tweet, they're a phantom.

4. The Announcer
These are the ones who use their profile for one thing, publicity. All they do is promote something. I didn't follow you to find out when the BBQ Plate Dinner was, I followed you to see what you do all day.

5. Mr. Wisdom
These are the ones who give you little quips of encouragement throughout the day. You know that if you are having a slow day you can read their tweets and it will be a pick-me-up to get through the day.

I hope you've enjoyed what I've observed in Twitterverse. I know that at some point we are all one of these tweeps, but no one would ever admit to it. So enjoy trying not to be obvious as you are one of these five.

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