Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Inadequate and I Like It!

Over the last few weeks I've come to the realization that I'm inadequate to be a leader. I've read the books, listened to leaders, and led in different areas in life. Even after a little experience and knowledge I'm not adequate to call myself a leader. However, I'm still in leadership, why? If I feel inadequate why am I still a leader?

I'm able to lead not because of my own ability but because where I am is where Christ has directed me to be. God uses inadequate people to accomplish His will a lot of the time. A quote I where I have no idea who said, "He calls the unqualified and qualifies the called." The 12 men that were Christ's key disciples were not religious leaders or the 'high and mighty' they were normal people of their day that Christ developed. I'm not adequate but Christ still uses me.

No matter your experience is in life God can use you to accomplish His will. My past is full of mistakes (drugs, rebellion, deception, distrust, etc.) and yet God still wants to use me in various roles. God wants to use you now, as you are, to accomplish His purpose. He doesn't want to wait so you can "clean up" He wants you just as you are, because that's the way He made you.

I'm inadequate and I love it because then God gets all the glory and I get a nice hand clap.

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