Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Put Ketchup on my Eggs....and Like It!!

Its true, I put ketchup on my eggs. However, I'm very specific about it. Only if they are scrambled and only at a restaurant, not at home. I'm picky and if you know me you know that when it comes to food I'm extremely picky. I only like it certain things and I'm not big on trying new food items because I think they will make my tongue curl up.

The same is true in churches today. Many churches only like ministry one way, because that's the only way they've done it. Sure its been successful but is it effective? I don't want to known as the one who doesn't try different tactics to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to be known as one who tried different things, programs, processes. Even though some will fail, I don't want to be picky in ministry. I want to preach the Gospel effectively in different ways.

On the flip side, if all you do is try different programs or processes to preach the Gospel people are likely to view you as an ADD Ministry. Because they see no consistency in your ministry, it's just you doing different stuff that never sticks. You attempt everything but gain nothing. It's not about doing the newest, hottest thing it's about knowing your people and community and reaching them for Jesus Christ to the best of your ability. Determine how the people in your community acts/lives, this should determine what you do. If you live in the country where everyone hunts and listens to Kenny Chesney it wouldn't be smart to have a hip-hop group come and minister, not many will be touched if that's not your community. If you know your people you will have a better chance of reaching them for Jesus Christ.

I love seeing stronger financed (rich) ministries minister, because they have a no holds bar mentality. At any cost they want to proclaim the Gospel. I've realized that I too can have this mentality. No I didn't win the lottery and our youth ministry doesn't even have a budget, but should that stop us? Should we wait until we have the resources to minister? NO!!! Let's change the destiny of those who live in our community for Jesus Christ. It will look different everywhere, but the same thing will occur no matter what you do or how much you have. The outcome will be men and women coming to know Jesus Christ and they will never be the same.

Don't be picky with how you do ministry like I am with food. Try new things, improve what you do. Don't try everything, just what suits you. Let's be and do what Christ has called and created us for.

As a side note this week I'm going to live this out by applying new items to Reaction Student Ministries and by trying new food. I don't know what yet, but I just hope I like it.

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