Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Hope I Don't Smell Like Poo

No one listens to someone who is full of crap. I was joking to my wife the other day about how certain people have odors that are not very inviting. When we are around these people we don't hear what they have to say because all we hear is, "I need deodorant, please help me." They could be telling us a truth that will radically transform our lives, but we can't focus on their words because of their stench.

Many Christians today are in this group. We say the right things and look good but smell like poo. What am I talking about, integrity; being who you say you are and doing what you'll say you'll do (infront of others & behind the scenes). Sin that is committed in the darkness, God will bring it to light. Don't be another statistic and reason people stay away from knowing Christ. I agree with some nonbelievers saying that it would be hard being a Christian when so many Christians live opposite of what they believe. My mentality is to prove those people wrong. To show them that I am a Man of God and my life, words, choices, and thoughts prove it. I don't want to smell like poo.

It gets messy, when everyone knows what you've done/doing. You can have the most powerful Word from God ever, but if your personal life smells like poo you have a big problem. We must do our best to remain clean and pure in our lives so we can be able to proclaim the Gospel and not be ashamed. Understand that we are all human and sin, but this is directed at those who are in habitual sin and refuse to be free. I'm here to say that you will not be 100% effective in fulfilling your God-given purpose until you are clean.

I'm not getting at covering up the stench with cologne like many do. They just make excuses or blame others for their mistakes. I'm talking about owning your stench and taking a shower. Get before God and seek after Him and ask for forgiveness and let Him clean you up, and remove the stench. Get clean, smell good. Gather people around you that will tell you if you start to stink. People who will keep you on track of being the man/woman of God you've been created to be.

Throughout the rest of the day, ask yourself:


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