Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lessons From a Church Launch: Lesson Three

Strive For Excellence In Everything That Is Done

The third lesson learned from Vertical Community Church's Launch is to strive for excellence in everything is that is done, from child care to how to treat first time guests. Before we can dig into how to be excellent I must decipher the difference between doing something in excellence as opposed to perfection. Perfection means that it must be perfect and nothing is o.k if it is not perfect. Achieving something in excellence is knowing its not going to be perfect, but you're going to strive for perfection and not be perfect is okay. Ministry is not about being perfect, because no one is perfect so why expect a service or church to be perfect.

Vertical Community Church showed excellence in everything they did from setting up to interacting with each other. They set up the facility in a way that anyone would know where to go. When you enter you are shown where to sit and where the children attend either children's church or nursery. Everyone that gave the guests tours were people-friendly, not introverted non-people people. They were full of energy and ready to serve the Kingdom of God. They made sure that their sound was ready and media was functional before service began so when it came time to use it in service it was ready. They made sure the words were on the screen for worship, mics were turned to an appropriate volume. They made sure the service from beginning to end flowed and God was glorified, and did it with excellence.

I will took away notes, knowledge, and wisdom from this visit I paid to Vertical a few weeks ago. One thing that I walked away with and want to share with you is what Pastor Shane did before service. Pastor Shane did a walk-through of the facility about an hour from service time. He walked through every area that was used making sure it was ready for the move of God that would happen. This tactic is one of the many that I've adapted and desire all you reading this to put into practice. To make sure we are operating in excellence begins with the different areas of ministry that occur each service. To conduct an entire service in excellence means that every part of the service is done in excellence.

I learned many lessons besides the three here, but this lesson on excellence is one of most importance. If your guests feel that you don't care about your service/church, they will not care either. Care about your people by caring about how you minister to them, minister in excellence.

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